Drawn By Mouse


Mar 06, 2009

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Thanks for coming back to drawn by mouse! It's always funny to get feedback from you guys, you guys that I know anyways. It's cool to see how the word about this place spreads. If you're a strange visitor and feel like telling me to put down the mouse and slowly back away, feel free to email me using the copyright info at the bottom of the page as your link. Go ahead, click it, you'll love it. It's a way of life.

Juggle, the new comic, started as sort of an experiment a couple of months ago. Like most of the human ones I make, I normally start out wanting to recreate a specific movement or activity. What happens afterward kind of just evolved on the artboard as I struggled to make it end! This is by far my most complicated comic yet... which isn't saying much, but I thought I'd say it anyways.

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