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Cavaliers Har Hum

Oct 26, 2011

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Cavaliers Har Hum

"Cavaliers, Har Hum" is a quirky song from this awesome band called Bombadil. While this is one of their older songs, it's also one of my favorites. Like most of their songs, the lyrics are subtle and I missed them for a time or two since I was sidetracked by the melody. Once I heard the words though and realized that this was a battle hymn, I was concreted in my fandom. So go hence, give Bombadil a shot, and maybe you'll enjoy them as much as I have.

As a side note about the illustration, this was actually something I drew by hand first. I've never done it this way before, but I'm really happy with the result, so maybe I'll start doing some more this way, who knows.

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